VSH Philomena

VSH Philomena


Breed: Reg American Warmblood - Holsteiner/Irish Sport Horse

Expected Mature Size: 16.2-3H

Sire: VSH Diamond Knight > 

Dam: Wilhelmina > 

Age: 2016

1/20/2017 update: Philomena's American Warmblood Registration and DNA has been submitted.

7/24/17 update: Now AWR and USEF (Lifetime) Reg, scheduled for 8/19/17 inspection. A VERY tall, very sweet tempered filly who moves beautifully.

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Philomena is Sired by VSH Diamond Knight - 16.3H Irish Sport Horse and out of Wilhelmina 16.2H Holsteiner. Wilhelmina HFH is a Reg Premium Holsteiner mare who has been approved for breeding. Wilhelmina was bred by respected longtime Holsteiner Breeder, Masu Hamacher. Her dam, Dulcimer was also a Premium mare. VSH Diamond Knight is a reg Irish Sport Horse and also a Reg American Warmblood. His Sire Kilpeck Diamond Knight was approved for breeding in the UK and US.  Diamond Knight is by blood appr 3/4 Irish Draught and as such is seeking upgraded registration as a Reg Irish Draught, pending inspection and approval this fall. Philomena sells with her American Warmblood Registration and may be bought forward for inspection at our private inspection this fall. A minimal ($25) fee for branding will apply. Additional registrations applicable are IDSHNA Certificate of Pedigree, American Holsteiner Association Certificate of Pedigree - these registrations are the purchasers responsibility but we are happy to complete the paperwork.

8/11/17 update: Philomena is back at the farm, getting prepared for her 8/19/17 AWR Inspection.


As can be expected she is a fabulous mover, athletic and just as light an nimble as a ballerina. 

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