VSH Devine Clansman

VSH Devine Clansman


2017 Connemara/Clydesdalex

AWR Reg Inspected Elig for branding USEF Lifetime Card

Sired by Tullymor's Ned Devine out of Reg Clydesdale mare Keyhole Charlotte

This is a BIG BEEFY SUPER COB. We have over the years produced several of these Clydesdale/Connemara crosses from the Black Clydesdale, Armageddon/Keyhole lines they have gone on to excel in eventing, foxhunting, show jumping and pony club. Most noteably Elvis owned and shown by Jessie Clise was 2017 High Point horse at the CVSJA (Central Virginia Show Jumper Assn) and also one of the top hunters of the 2017 season with Deep Run Hunt Club. Celtic Lass owned by Dr. Karen Clark Rubin of Unionville Pa and show by daughter Kayla competed in USPC Nationals in 2017. We are proud of our role in developing this “Super-Cob” cross.

Clansman is a big fellow and we are estimating his mature size to approach 16H or exceed 16H but we wont be able to determine that with accuracy until he reaches 2 years of age.

10/14/18 big fellow we are thinking over 16H but wont be able to say that with certainth for another 5 months or so. Click HERE for a candid Clip (he is in a gawky yearling phase so with all respect, please hold the green-horne comments about him looking downhill (he’s butt high in a growth spurt)

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