VSH Diamond Justine

VSH Diamond Justine


DOB 6/4/18

Bay filly w/star

Sire: VSH Diamond Knight

Dam: Bailey

friendly, athletic - 5/8 TB 3/8 Irish Draught

to finish 16-16.2H

3/20/19 update: TEMPERAMENT - TO - DIE - FOR - she is the teacher’s pet, judas goat, the validictorian of her class. so gentle and agreeable, an absolute GEM!!!

6/23/18 update: sadly, Bailey could not be brought into sufficient milk for her filly, so we made our 18H Clydesdale, Bella (who had lost her filly that week) into her nursemare. Bella has AMPLE milk for the filly and during her stay in the barn she became quite the in your pocket filly. Cute as a button and super athletic!

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