VSH Serenade's Maestro

VSH Serenade's Maestro


DOB: 8/17/17

Reg, Inspected, Approved and elig for branding AWR, Lifetime USEF reg

Sire: Charlie Chime - Triple Reg (ASHA Shire Sporthorse, AWS, AWR) Stallion

Dam: VSH Cricket's Midsommers Serenade.


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3/20/2018 There is only one reason why we still have this colt. His would be owner, agreed to purchase him the day he was born, and then strung us out with $200 and $300 payments until they defaulted this winter.  In case you are wondering, this is not okay and its one of the primary reason why breeders decide not to take payments.  He is a super nice colt that otherwise would have sold as a weanling, but we dont mind keeping him and raising him.